Winery and Restaurant Sunset Walker Hill

A farmhouse restaurant in Tokoname City, Aichi Prefecture that has been certified as a National Strategic Special Zone.
Enjoy Tokoname food and wine in the local Chita Peninsula area as you gaze down from the hilltops across a spectacular view of Ise Bay.



*Underage drinking is prohibited by law. It is also against the law to sell alcohol to minors or to anyone whose age cannot be confirmed.

The translation in English is only "About our company" and "Introducing Our Winery" pages.

About our company

delivering HAPPINESS

We are delivering happiness to all our customers.

All people have a right to happiness,
and we believe that a life filled with that happiness is a truly remarkable thing.
Our philosophy is to deliver happiness to each and every one of our valued customers.
Wine made using grapes that we have grown ourselves.
American-style cuisine using local ingredients. br> A dinner enjoyed while gazing at a beautiful sunset over Ise Bay.
We are engaged in various business operations, each one of them devoted to inspiring happiness in our customers.

We are continuously striving to offer additional services that bring happiness to all our customers.

about our company
 about our company
 about our company

Company Outline

Company Name Blue Chip Inc.
Representative Noriyuki Baba
Address 1-23 Onocho, Tokoname City, Aichi Prefecture, 479-0866
TEL 0569-44-0868
MAIL swh@t-bluechip.com
Business description Restaurant industry, agricultural tourism industry, etc.
Group Site
Regarding sales of alcohol to minors

Stop underage drinking! Don’t drink and drive!

The consumption of alcoholic beverages is not permitted for persons under 20 years of age. Drinking and driving is prohibited by law. We do not sell alcohol to those whom we suspect may be under 20 years of age, and in such cases, we will ask for ID to confirm the buyer’s age.